Membership has benefits.

Membership has its advantages! It can both save and make your business money. It also creates immediate prestige by being affiliated with Southern Nevada’s most prominent and respected industry trade group: Nevada Contractors Association. Can you afford not to join? Here are just a few of the perks:

scales.jpg Legislative Lobbying

  • National, state, and local legislative representation on vital issues affecting construction's bottom line
  • Timely updates on regulatory and legislative actions and initiatives
  • Direct access to meet and greet elected officials and government decision makers.

networking.jpg Networking Events

  • Business-to-business networking opportunities, including luncheons, golf tournaments, and social mixers
  • Companies can showcase products and services directly to decision makers
  • Committee meetings enable direct participation and interaction with association members and leaders

public.jpg Public Relations

  • Members featured on association digital and social media sites
  • Coverage in the Construction Connection publication
  • Award programs recognize and celebrate member accomplishments
  • Annual directory

safety.jpg Safety Services

  • Provide safety inspections that prevent and correct unsafe work conditions, reducing employer costs
  • Representation for federal safety inspections and hearings that reduces potential violations and fines
  • Furnish contractor specific safety manuals and instruction on OSHA compliance

success.jpgProfessional Development

  • Provide industry management, supervisory, and technical
  • Training at a nominal cost
  • Offer professional courses leading to career enhancing Certifications
  • Develop the future construction workforce through strategic
  • Partnerships with the school district and the UNLV

labor.jpg Labor Relations

  • Negotiate and coordinate master-labor agreements and Individual trade union contracts on behalf of signatory Member firms
  • Assist with signatory member's labor disputes and grievances
  • Guidance on union wage payment, work conditions, and benefits
  • Professional labor interventions saves signatory members hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and fringe benefit costs

switch.jpg Affinity Programs

  • Partnerships that provide discounts for members
  • Partners include, NPP, BirdDog HR, AGC of America national benefits, among others
  • Significant member cost savings

For more information or questions, please contact Trista Stewart: 702-796-9986 or